Le Creuset Announced Their Newest Colours And They're Gorgeous

The cultishly loved Dutch oven company is introducing not one, but TWO fresh new hues this year.

Le Creuset New Colours - Sage and Meringue Dutch Ovens

Sage and Meringue are the newe Le Creuset colours for 2019. Photo, Le Creuset.

Le Creuset has done it again: they’re releasing two new colours, and they’re both gorgeous. Sage is “inspired by the soft colour of the delightfully fragrant herb” while Meringue is “a new neutral for Le Creuset,” inspired by none other than the elegant treat it takes its name from.

New Sage Le Creuset Cookware

Sage. Photo, Le Creuset.

Sage and Meringue will join the nine other permanent colours in the Le Creuset Canada collection (different countries have different colours, and on occasion Le Creuset will bring back a colour on a limited-time run), and will be available in everything from their enamelled cast-iron cookware, to their bakeware, accessories like cooking utensils and salt and pepper shakers and tableware. Both colours will be available for purchase starting March 1.

New Meringue Le Creuset Cookware

Meringue. Photo, Le Creuset.

Le Creuset’s colourful Dutch ovens are as beloved for their classic lines as for their generation-spanning quality: The thick cast-iron offers even heat and the heavy lid locks in moisture, making the dishes perfect for searing, braising and baking. In celebration of the new hue, here are a few fun facts about Le Creuset’s oven-ready colours.

Le Creuset History

1. The iconic enamel finish was first added to Le Creuset cast iron cookware in 1925 as a way to increase durability. Before this, the pieces looked like your standard-issue cast iron cookware.


Photo, Le Creuset.

2. Flame, the first colour introduced, was inspired by molten iron.

3. Yellow was introduced in the ’50s and blue in the ’60s — rumour has it the blue was inspired by a popular cigarette packaging at the time.


Photos, eBay.

4. There are more than 100 colours available worldwide, but only a handful are accessible in each country. Canada’s shades are Cherry (the bestseller), Flame, Soleil, Palm, Caribbean, BonBon, Licorice and Oyster.

5. Le Creuset makes store-specific colours for certain retailers. For example, you can only get Lapis, Midnight Blue, Ocean, French Grey, Matte Yellow, White, Navy and Aqua at William-Sonoma.




Discontinued Le Creuset Colours

Every once in a while Le Creuset will retire a colour. Recent retirees are Marseille and Dune, so if you can still find the pieces in-store, grab ’em! Cobalt (below), was apparently discontinued years ago because the pigment was becoming too expensive to make.



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