10 Delicious Ways To Use That Big Bag Of Mini Eggs

Eat them straight from the bag, or add them to your favourite treats.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the best Easter chocolate (and maybe the best candy-coated chocolate around—sorry, Smarties). If you stocked up on a huge bag of these milk chocolate goodies, here’s mouth-watering inspiration for how to use them—and get everyone at home in the kitchen making sweet treats together.

Mini Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cake and Loaf Bakery in Hamilton, Ontario, is famous for its lineup of Mini Egg-stuffed treats (like that Mini Egg pie featured up top) come Easter. Luckily, they shared their Mini Egg chocolate cookie recipe, so bust out that bag and try it!

Braided Bread with Mini Eggs

Braided Mini-Egg Loaves

Photo, Erik Putz.

Italian and Greek cuisines both feature a braided Easter bread dotted with colour-tinted hen’s eggs. In a spin on the classic recipe, the Test Kitchen team tucked candied eggs into these mini loaves just after baking for a hit of chocolate.

Rice Krispies Squares

Cherry Birch General in Hamilton, ON studs its brown butter Rice Krispies treats with these pastel-hued treats. Try adding them to this crowd-pleasing salted brown butter Rice Krispies square recipe.

Mini Egg Blondies

Toronto-based food influencer Jamie Milne ups the ante on her blondies with a healthy dose of Mini Eggs.

Popcorn Party Mix

A bowl of popcorn mixed with Mini Eggs sounds like the perfect snack for a Netflix binge.

Chocolate Pretzel Monster Cookies

Simple Bites blogger and award-winning writer Aimée Wimbush-Bourque used pantry staples to make the ultimate cookies, filled with pretzels, oats, Mini Eggs and more!


Winnipeg-based bakery Jenna Rae Cakes put Mini Eggs in its French-style macaron. Try your hand at making macarons if you’re looking for a baking challenge.

Ice Cream

For a seasonal mix-in, add Mini Eggs to your favourite homemade ice cream flavour, like Vancouver’s La Glace.

Butter Tarts

Canada’s ultimate dessert got an Easter-ready makeover thanks to Carla Cookie Box. If you can’t choose between raisin or pecans, go with Mini Eggs instead when you try experimenting with this classic butter tart recipe.

Ruffles Treats

Instead of puffed rice cereal, use Ruffles chips in your marshmallow treats, along with a few handfuls of Mini Eggs, just like Toronto bakery Bake Shoppe.