10 Chilling British Mysteries On Netflix For Extra-Dark Winter Nights

Grab your coziest throw and wooliest socks because these TV shows will give you goose bumps.


As the cool weather sets in, what better way to spend your evenings than cozied up with a warm drink and a wool throw watching some proper British mysteries. Here are our top 10 series currently streaming on Netflix.

Line of Duty

Moody British Series-Line of Duty-photo via BBC UK
Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, and Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty. (Photo, BBC UK)

The Gist: Cops spying on corrupt cops — that’s the premise of this gripping series, with each six-episode season introducing a new storyline while also recycling characters who have unfinished business with their spying colleagues.
Why We Love It: The main draw is the moment-to-moment uncertainty as to who will be revealed as “bent” next. The three reliably honest police — Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure, who also appears in Broadchurch) — are nevertheless always screwing up: sleeping with partners, witnesses, husbands of victims, possibly even suspects. Drama!
Thrills Rating: 9/10

Happy Valley

Sarah Lancashire stars in Happy Valley on Netflix
Sarah Lancashire stars in Happy Valley. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: The name and idyllic blue sky of the show’s opening credits are ironic — this series is one of the darkest in the bunch, featuring rape, murder, kidnapping and a truly creepy criminal.
Why We Love It: Watch it for the acting chops of the show’s star, Sarah Lancashire, who plays Catharine Cawood, a uniformed sergeant policing the small towns and moors of West Yorkshire. Other bonuses: appearances by the stellar Shirley Henderson (of Trainspotting, Bridget Jones and Harry Potter fame), and Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street’s beloved Becky).
Thrills Rating: 8/10


Stellan Skarsgard and Nicola Walker in River. (Photo, Netflix)
Stellan Skarsgard and Nicola Walker in River. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: This one stars the dashing Stellan Skarsgard as John River, a brilliant — and slightly mad — police inspector who is haunted by ghostly hallucinations of his partner, Stevie (Nicola Walker), after she’s gunned down in the street right before his eyes.
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Why We Love It: Nicola Walker’s Stevie is a scene-stealer: tough, hilarious, smart as a whip and riven by a past secret life. You’ll wish the show had been based on something other than her assassination.
Thrills Rating: 6/10


Moody British Series - Shetland-photo via BBC UK
Shetland. (Photo, BBC)

The Gist: Based on the novels the English crime writer Ann Cleeves, the series stars Outlander’s Douglas Henshall as Detective Jimmy Perez, who (along with his team) investigates crimes within the quaint island community of Shetland.
Why We Love It: Although this series doesn’t boast the tightest storylines, there’s enough mystery in play to justify watching the show for its true feature: the scenery. There are green, windswept peaks, stark cliffs at every turn and more ancient stone walls than you can count.
Thrills Rating: 5/10

The Fall

Moody British Series-The Fall-Netflix
The Fall. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: Gillian Anderson (she of X-Files fame) stars as Stella Gibson, a superintendent sent to Belfast to track down and stop a serial killer targeting women.
Why We Love It: The series reveals the identity of its culprit right off the bat — a handsome grief counsellor played by Fifty Shades lothario Jamie Dornan — but, filled with storylines about double lives and will-she-won’t-she moments of discovery, certainly doesn’t lack for suspense.
Thrills Rating: 9/10


Moody British Series-MARCELLA-Netflix
Marcella. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: This Nordic noir sees Detective Marcella Backland (Anna Friel) make her return to the police force after more than a decade off-duty, which coincides with the return of the Grove Park Killer.
Why We Love It: Friel’s entire performance is charming and layered. Her violent, unexplained blackouts that add extra complication and nail-biting drama.
Thrills Rating: 8/10

The Five

Moody British series-The Five-Netflix
The Five. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: Twenty years after a young boy’s disappearance, his DNA shows up at the murder site of an unrelated woman. His brother and three friends then reunite to grapple with their collective trauma.
Why We Love It: The first small-screen adaptation by famed mystery writer Harlan Coben is a master class in ensemble casting: O.T. Fagbenle (The Handmaid’s Tale), Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey), Lee Ingleby (Inspector George Gently), and Sarah Solemani (Bridget Jones’ Baby) are perfectly intertwined in their tortured desperation.
Thrills Rating: 9/10


Moody British Series-Collateral-Carey Mulligan-Netflix
Collateral. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: At first, London detectives think they’re investigating a straightforward murder of a pizza delivery man. But the case, which involves a Crash-like web of interconnected individuals, is much more complicated than that.
Why We Love It: Carey Mulligan (An Education) stars as Kip Glaspie, a detective inspector and former pole vaulter. Need we say more?
Thrills Rating: 7/10


Moody British series-Paranoid-Netflix
Paranoid. (Photo, Netflix)

The Gist: When a female GP is murdered (with witnesses!) in a rural playground, a group of detectives mobilize to solve the crime in a caper that takes them on a cross-European goose chase.
Why We Love It: Two words: “Ghost Detective.” This mysterious character helps the team along with clues and evidence which could identify the killer.
Thrills Rating: 8/10

Death Comes To Pemberley

Moody British series-Death Comes to Pemberley-BBC
Death Comes to Pemberley. (Photo, BBC)

The Gist: The novel on which this three-part series is based begins in October 1803, six years after the marriage of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
Why We Love It: This is the Jane Austen murder mystery you didn’t know you needed. The series also features the return of actor Tom Ward as Colonel Fitzwilliam; he played Lieutenant Chamberlayne in the 1995 BBC adaptation of P&P.
Thrills Rating: 7/10