6 Eco-friendly Apps That Can Help You Go Green

From tracking your carbon footprint to reducing food waste, these apps will help you become more environmentally friendly.

If you want to reduce food waste

Try: Fridgely

This app sends you a notification when your groceries are about to expire so you can use them first. It even recommends recipes to make your fridge cleanout easier.

If you want to track your carbon footprint

Try: Oroeco

If you want to know how every single aspect of your life—from how you heat your home to how you spend your free time—impacts the environment, this app will tell you. It tracks your spending to calculate your carbon footprint and suggests ways you can reduce it.

If you want to up your recycling game

Try: Recycle Coach

Not sure what’s recyclable in your municipality? Or maybe you tend to forget recycling day entirely? This app will remind you to take out your blue box the day before, and you can search by material to make sure you’re including the right stuff.

If you want to change your habits

Try: Joulebug

This app turns sustainability into a game, buzzing every time you do something good for the planet. It also suggests easy changes, like turning the lights off when you leave a room, and reveals the impact of each action.

If you want to save water

Try: Fill It Forward

Tell this app whenever you opt for a reusable cup, mug or bottle, and it’ll tell you how much pollution you’ve prevented. It also helps you track your hydration and funds water-based projects around the world.

If you want to shop smarter

Try: Ethical Barcode

Scan product barcodes as you shop to see how each item rates in terms of environmental friendliness, animal testing, labour issues and LGBTQ rights.