The Best Books to Read With Your Virtual Book Club

Erin Woodward—the Canadian founder of one of the world’s biggest book clubs —shares her top picks.

There’s nothing better than discussing a book you loved. (Well, except for maybe discussing a book you hated!) Either way, if you’re a book lover, then belonging to a book club feels like coming home. When I was living abroad in London, UK, I started the first chapter of the Girly Book Club (GBC) as a way to meet other women who shared my love of books. Twelve years later, there are now over 120 chapters of GBC across 15 countries—including more than 35 in Canada. (For now, we’ve taken GBC online; find a virtual meeting here.)

Suffice to say, over the past 12 years I’ve learned a thing or two about choosing a book that will get people talking. Here are 10 picks guaranteed to generate conversation at your next book club—or just enjoy on your own.