The New Starbucks Lattes Are So Good You'll Actually Want To Order Them Every Day

The new Starbucks tea menu is in only available in Canada. Here's what's on it (tea lattes!), and what we'd order again.

It seems like Starbucks releases new, outrageous drinks every few months. From unicorn and zombie frappuccinos to sugary holiday bevvies, these over-the-top creations are one-time indulgences, not everyday pick-me-ups. Today, however, Starbucks introduced a new line of tea-based drinks you’ll actually want to order on the reg.

The new Starbucks tea menu

Only available in Canada, Starbucks’ new tea lattes are made with “finely ground premium whole tea leaves,” or tea leaf powder (think matcha powder) instead of tea bags. The powders are supposed to impart more flavour and a luxurious mouthfeel, which, according to a Starbucks news release, is akin to “cashmere.” (OK, then.)

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The new tea lattes come in three flavours: matcha (Starbucks’ matcha is now sugar-free), black (it tastes like English breakfast) and rooibos (which is caffeine-free). If you order one straight off the menu, it’ll come with steamed whole milk and cane sugar, but you can always customize it with dairy-free, non-fat or lactose-free milk. Be sure to ask for it unsweetened (or lightly sweetened) if you don’t want a mid-afternoon sugar rush.

Along with its new tea powders, Starbucks is debuting a blossoming rose tea latte. Don’t get too excited because this isn’t a true blossoming tea, it’s just a cute name. The drink comes with rooibos tea, steamed milk and rose syrup (it’s flavoured with rhubarb bitters and strawberry so it doesn’t taste “perfume-y”), but you can also get it with black tea or matcha.

So how do Starbucks’ tea lattes taste?

While I normally gravitate towards matcha, the black tea latte was the beverage I craved hours after trying it, likely because I’m a sucker for overly sweet, milky tea. The matcha latte was also yummy; the rooibos tea latte had an almost floral flavour — a nice option for those who avoid caffeine.

As for the blossoming rose tea latte, I appreciate that it didn’t taste like a perfume bottle and with floral flavours trending, it’ll likely prove popular. But just like with other flavoured Starbucks lattes, it was just too teeth-achingly sweet.

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