Fring frangs and rappie pie: Simon Thibault on bringing Acadian traditions to life

Thibault explores Acadian food history and women's kitchen work through old family recipes.

Simon Tibault, a food writer and journalist based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has also become a food historian with his new book Pantry and Palate: Remembering and Rediscovering Acadian Food. Taking readers on a journey through time, he digs into recipes handed down by the women in his family over generations, combing through hand-written notes and discovering a beautiful history of the land and people. “It’s fascinating to see how kitchens changed, and how the lives of women in kitchens changed”, enthuses Thibault, who refers to Acadian food as “food that is humble, homey, occasionally homely and very comforting. It is made with love and devotion and from a larder that is small but mighty. It is made to be eaten.” Watch our interview below for the full story.