Plus-sized shoes

I’ve got big feet and I’m okay with it. I’m pretty tall and they are perfectly made so that I can balance without falling over. Plus, I don’t generally lament over the parts of me I can’t change. I appreciate my body for all that it’s done for me, despite the moments where it fails me.

But I admit, my feet aren’t petite. I’m not sure if plus-sized is the correct description for big feet, but I think anything over a size 9 falls into such a category.

My feet shouldn’t be that hard to outfit. I range from a size 9.5 at Michael Kors up to a size 11 at Aldo (depending on the shoe). But this past winter I was turned away from a store because they didn’t actually make my coveted suede boots in anything bigger than a size 10. It was funny and yet kind of sad.

But, I’m not alone. Apparently, more than 30 percent of Canadian women have over size 9 feet.

Here are a few suggestions for those seeking cute, bigger-sized shoes recommended by both friends and my own finds:

Divna: Founded by Veronica Ljubicic in 2006, a size 11 who found herself frustrated at her shoe shopping experience. She believes every woman should own a great pair of shoes. And I agree! The sizes range from 10’13 and the price ranges from $80’$300. Buy it online or if you’re in the Toronto area you can browse it in person at their showroom.

2255 Kipling Ave., #4,Toronto, Ontario,M9W 4L5. Call 1-877-342-0502 toll free.

Tall Crest: Check out their website for locations across the US and Canada. They carry sizes 10’13. Their prices range from $35’$190.

Browns Shoes: The company says they stock up to a size 12 but friends tell me that stores generally only get one or two size 11 or 12’s in and they go quickly so check in frequently.

Payless Shoe Source: With stores all across Canada, they carry up to a size 13 in most styles.

Winners: We all know this store is truly about good finds. They do stock larger shoe sizes in dressy and casual styles so get out there and happy hunting! 

Nordstrom: For those who like to shop south of the border my friend recommends this store. They stock all the way up to a size 16, and ship to Canada if that style comes from the warehouse only. Check out the styles you want online and call their customer service. They’re super helpful and will let you know if they can send the shoe to you or if you have to make a cross border trip. 

BarefootTess: Recommended by a friend of a friend, this site has everything from wedding shoes to wide calf boots to vegan shoes. And they come in styles up to a size 15.

Feel free to send me any other suggestions as good shoes shouldn’t be so hard to find.

A special thanks to my helpful friend Marni Mann, who describes herself as having “well endowed phalanges”. Big feet and proud. I love it.

– Kate Daley