15 Comfy T-Shirt Dresses For Effortless Summer Style

Dresses with all the ease of a t-shirt that you can throw on and go anywhere from work to weekend.

woman with pink purse wearing pink and yellow t-shirt dresses

Shot on location at Yorkville Village. Photography by Renée Rodenkirchen. Style Direction by Vanessa Taylor. Hair & makeup by Grace Lee. Dress, $440, marc-cain.com. Bag, $130, roots.com.

It’s possible to get all the amazing comfort and ease of a t-shirt dress without having to compromise on style. Just look for heavyweight cotton (instead of flimsy jersey, which will lose its shape quickly) in a bright, statement-making print or a classic solid hue.

We’ve rounded up 15 practical t-shirt dresses that are comfy and chic to get you through the rest of the summer in style.