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Fashion and beauty experts Deborah Fulsang and Tiyana Grulovic dish on what’s worth buying and skipping at the January sales

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On 01/03/08 4:04 PM, “Deborah Fulsang” wrote:
Welcome to From The Style Desk! Tiyana and I look forward to hearing your feedback, so please leave us your comments. To kick things off, we’re talking about the post-holiday shopping frenzy that we all inevitably get caught up in.

For me, my mission is two-fold: I love to score the reduced-price version of the classics (like a great cashmere sweater or a killer blazer) plus a pair of super-chic shoes, before all the spring merchandise arrives.

What’s your method?


On 01/03/08 4:18 PM, “Tiyana Grulovic” wrote:
I have to say I share your chic shoe-digging strategy. I try to stay away from super-trendy shoe options in favour of something interesting enough to last a few seasons. Maybe an unusual shape or heel instead, in neutrals like grey, brown or mushroom shades. Basic black is good, but if you already have it, why spend the money?

I totally get caught up in the rush! Last year, I bought a pair of designer rain boots for $35. I wore them once and banned them to the nether regions of my closet.


On 01/03/08 4:25 PM, “Deborah Fulsang” wrote:
But of course I have to support the fact that shopping is rarely about “need”! During the January sale season, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some accessories of the over-the-top variety. Often these are misunderstood I think — the idea isn’t to wear super-colourful or glitzy jewellery or shoes or bags with clothing that is likewise over-the-top. I love these things juxtaposed against the Levis and the T-shirts in my closet, and the basic black trousers. I’m particularly focused on completely impractical cocktail rings and beaded necklaces.

What about the cross-border shopping thing? Will you stand in line at customs in the name of fashion?


On 01/03/08 4:36 PM, “Tiyana Grulovic” wrote:
Sure, cross-border shopping has its benefits. Namely, scoring a hard-to-find-in-Canada piece or label for a decent price. The last time I was in New York, I came home with a killer pair of Chloe wedges that were less than $100, down from $600+! For me, scouring the sales racks for designer duds or generally pricier investment pieces (back to your cashmere sweaters) is worth it. But only if you have both the time and patience.


On 01/03/08 4:50 PM, “Deborah Fulsang” wrote:
That’s just it, I don’t have the patience for even the possibility of hours in line at customs. And I can count on the fact that my six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter don’t either.

I do think, however, that January sale time is a chance to score great kid’s clothes for next year – a size up or two from what my bambinos are wearing now. There isn’t quite the immediate-gratification thril, though.

So my shopping hit list? Well, GapKids then, Banana Republic, off-the-beaten path Winners locations (the popular downtown locations get so picked over), maybe Browns and Davids shoes, Holt Renfrew and Indigo. If I’m lucky it’ll all be achieved in a couple of stolen moments and one trip to the mall.


On 01/03/08 5:02 PM, “Tiyana Grulovic” wrote:
On my hit list? Definitely Browns and Town Shoes for a pair of black flat boots. They always have a wide selection, and I live in mine all winter. I can’t resist the sale rack at Zara, either. And if I’m lucky enough to find basic white tees and v-necks on sale at American Apparel, I’ll scoop those up too. Holt Renfrew is on my list for those great pricier investment pieces that have, come sale time, hit a price I can actually afford.