We Tried It: The Best Facial Mists to Spritz on this Summer (And How to Use Them)

If you have yet to try a facial mist, read on to see if one of these options is right for your skin

Best Facial Mists

We’ve been singing the praises of a good facial mist for a while now, and the beauty industry has caught on with new spritzes hitting shelves on the regular. There’s now a facial mist out there for everybody (and every possible skin type). And we couldn’t be happier — there’s nothing quite as satisfying as spraying on a cool, refreshing mist in the heat of summer.

So we got our hands on some of the best facial mists on the market and are here to report back. We’ve even included two other cooling skincare products, a facial gel and a cooling stick — just in case you’re not the misting type, but still want to add a refreshing kick to your skincare routine.

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