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26 Of Our Best Chicken Thigh Recipes

From a colourful curry to finger lickin' Cajun spice, this flavourful (and affordable) cut is the way to go.

You can bake it, braise it, fry it, put it in soup, savoury pies or serve it as the star of the show—one thing you can always count on is that the chicken thigh is an incredibly versatile (and affordable) cut of meat. Break away from boneless skinless chicken breasts and try one of these flavourful recipes tonight!

How to Cook Chicken Thighs

The thigh is often considered the tastiest part of the bird because it has a higher fat content, resulting in a more flavourful cut of meat. (It’s also a more economical alternative to buying chicken breasts.) As the meat in chicken thighs is firmer, it requires a bit more time to cook than a chicken breast. Methods like braising or roasting work beautifully, as you’ll see in the cooking methods for our chicken thigh recipes below.

How to break down a chicken

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