Labour Day BBQ menu for eight

Grab a few extra deck chairs, get the grill going, and enjoy some long-weekend barbecuing (at it's finest!).

Grilled caesar salad with barbecued bruschetta

Grilled caesar salad with barbecued bruschetta
Photo by Roberto Caruso

Savour the season’s final balmy evenings with a colourful dinner alfresco. Invite over friends and family, dig the extra deck chairs out of storage and enjoy a meal filled with easy, elegant recipes.

Ginger wasabi shrimp cocktail

Ginger wasabi shrimp cocktail recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso


Hors d’oeuvres
Ginger-wasabi shrimp cocktail
Wasabi and ginger wake up the taste buds and will add a little extra heat to the bbq menu.







Grilled caesar salad

Grilled caesar salad recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso


Appetizer & Salad
BBQ bruschetta
Warm and crisp slices of baguette topped with juicy cherry tomatoes tossed in a basil-caper vinaigrette.

Grilled caesar salad
Grilled halved heads of romaine with crisp bacon and creamy caesar dressing.





Sherried mushrooms and chili-espresso striploin steaks

Sherried mushrooms and chili-espresso steaks
Photo by Roberto Caruso


Chili-espresso strip loin steaks
Steaks gets a rich and spicy update with our chili and espresso rub.

Sherried mushrooms
Browned in butter and seasoned with fresh sprigs of thyme, these mushrooms add an extra layer of flavour to the meal.






Black forest gateau 'mess'

Black forest gateau ‘mess’ recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso


Black forest gateau ‘mess’
Round out the evening with a decadent chocolate-cherry dessert, topped with clouds of whipped cream.