Dockside picnic lunch menu

This stunning yet simple meal packs up easily for toting to the park, cottage, or beach. So take your lunch outside this weekend—with an easy, moveable menu.


Photo by Michael Alberstat

This stunning yet simple meal packs up easily for toting to the park, cottage, or beach. Full of fresh flavours and a bit of sparkling fun — don’t miss out on serving our fresh lemonade as everyone kicks back, dockside. The only thing that could make this lunch cooler, is if everyone was wearing shades.

lemonade-pitcher outdoor entertaining

Classic lemonade.


Classic lemonade
This puckering lemonade is both zippy and refreshing! Simply stir 1/2 cup squeezed lemon juice with 1/2 cup sugar in a large pitcher until sugar has melted. Add water. Fill with ice. For a refreshing summer sparkler, substitute water with club soda.




Crudites jars with moroccan hummus

Crudites jars with moroccan hummus.


Crudités jars with Moroccan hummus
Easy to make, this appetizer is perfect for venturing outdoors with. Pack in a sealable jar, tall enough to stand long-stemmed vegetables upright.







Tarragon-chicken sandwiches with grapes.


Tarragon-chicken sandwiches with red grapes
Add fresh lettuce to a baguette or soft round bun, then spread the chicken, tarragon, and grape mixture. If using baguette, slice into three sandwiches, wrap and refrigerate until ready to take outside for lunch.






White sangria jellies.


White-sangria jellies
These delicate and refreshing jellies are full of fresh fruit suspended in a sweet, white wine and grape-infused gelatin. You can also change the recipe up a bit by using different types of fruit that you have on hand.

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