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Recipes of the day: Easy entertaining

Holiday season is over. Whew! But that doesn’t mean the end of entertaining. January is the perfect time to host a get together with friends – no one has any plans, and also, let’s face it, going outside in the cold right now is such a chore. Tonight I’ll be prepping for a laid-back get together that I’m hosting tomorrow night. Why have guests on a work night? The new Kids in the Hall series is debuting tomorrow night at 9pm on CBC. I’ve always been a big fan of the Kids in the Hall and am excited to also celebrate that one of my nearest and dearest, Scott McCallum, has a part in the series. (Lucky guy!) A group of us are going to get together to watch the show and enjoy some comfort food. I’m going to keep it simple and prepare two of my go to Chatelaine recipes – our unbelievably good Celebration lasagna and Classic Caesar salad. Here’s a link to a video. For the recipe, click on the PDF link beside it. Stay tuned: I’ll post photos of the delicious and cheesy results on Wednesday.