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Claire's top three picks for back-to-school dinners

As seen on CityLine, Food Director Claire Tansey prepares three easy weeknight dinners: a summery salad, pasta and stir-fry recipes


Nutty ramen gado-gado salad recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso

Cityline asked me to make some easy weeknight meals for back-to-school (what, already?) this week. You can watch my appearance here.

I have a few philosophies about feeding and eating with kids of all ages. First of all: do it! Eating together is one of the nicest ways families can interact. So many good things can happen. Of course, some not-as-good things can happen too, so while I’m not an advocate of making special meals for picky eaters, I do recommend making meals than can be customized. Why fight when you don’t have to?

Our gado-gado salad is a great example. Not only is it super easy (instant noodles!) but everyone at the table can assemble their own bowlful, adding whatever toppings they want (fun!).

And our beef stir fry is also perfect. Definitely use any vegetables that the kids (and adults) like, and add one new veg for everyone to try.


Sweet and spicy stir-fry recipe
Photo by Roberto Caruso









I’ve never known a kid to say no to pesto (even if it is green!), so our chicken pesto pasta is another perfect, easy meal. Make a double batch of pesto this weekend and store it in little containers in the freezer – you’ll thank me in December!

chicken pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes

Chicken pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes
Photo by Roberto Caruso