Pomegranate posset

Prep 5 min
Total 15 min
Plus 4 hr chilling time
Serves 8



2 cups
35% cream
1/2 cup
granulated sugar
1 tbsp
mint leaves, (optional)


  • BRING cream, sugar and 
zest to a boil in a large pot set over high. Stir with a wooden spoon until sugar dissolves.
  • BOIL mixture for 3 min without stirring, reducing heat to medium-high if it starts to boil over. Remove from heat and stir in pomegranate juice.
  • STRAIN mixture into 8 individual cups. Cover cups with plastic wrap, pressing onto surface of cream mixture to prevent skin from forming. Refrigerate until set, at least 4 hr, preferably overnight. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and mint, if desired, 
just before serving.

Kitchen Tip: Posset can be made at least 2 days ahead.


Calories 270, Protein 2 g, Carbohydrates 20 g, Fat 21 g, Fibre 1 g, Sodium 24 mg. Good source of vitamin A

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