Avocado smoothie bowl

Prep 10 min
Total 10 min
Serves 2

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1 ripe
1 cup
2% yogurt
2 cups
baby spinach
2 tsp
2 to 2/12 tbsp


1/2 170-g container
1 tsp


  • Smoothie: Whirl avocado with yogurt, spinach, hemp seeds and honey in a blender until smooth. Scrape smoothie mixture into 2 bowls or glasses.
  • Avocado Smoothie Topping: Top with raspberries, almonds and hemp seeds.


Calories 424, Protein 14 g, Carbohydrates 40 g, Fat 27 g, Fibre 12 g, Sodium 84 mg. Excellent source of Vitamin A

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