Your Weekly Horoscope: March 3 - March 10, 2020

The full moon in Pisces relationship house on the 9th will kick things up. Find out what that means for you.

2018 horoscope pisces

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Feb. 19 – March 20
Anxiety, like fear, grows the more you fixate on it. The problem is that ignoring your concerns isn’t the answer, either. This week you need to take a more nuanced approach to whatever is coming up for you emotionally, but especially between you and others. The full moon in your relationship house on the 9th will kick up all kinds of feelings; respond to them with reason. Examine, discern, come up with the next step, and then redirect your attention, Pisces.

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2018 horoscope aries

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


March 21 – April 19
This is an excellent week for beginnings, but they’re all meant to be internal, Aries. You’ve been running yourself ragged and maybe expecting too much from others, too. It’s time to take some space for yourself to determine what you need—as opposed to what you want. Make adjustments, no matter how big or small they need to be, to create more space in your life for the things that make it healthier and more sustainably joyful. Open up to possibility and invite it in, my love.

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2018 horoscope taurus

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


April 20 – May 20
Are things moving too fast, or are you moving too slow? Be conscious of the ways that people don’t do what you think they should, or they annoy you by doing things wrong. If you have control issues popping up it’s easy to find someone to blame, but regardless of whether other people are difficult to deal with (spoiler alert: they are), your need to manage how and where things go is getting in the way of having more joy in your life. Work on your part and let go a bit, Taurus.

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2018 horoscope gemini

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


May 21 — June 21
Twin Star, how long are you going to hold on to your fears and grudges? How are they helping you move up and move on? It’s time to let go of what’s holding you back—even if that lets other people off the hook, if it leaves money on the table or forces you to change plans. Do what’s right for you because you deserve to live your own life. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from finally changing. You’re ready.

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2018 horoscope cancer

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


June 22 – July 22
You can’t know what comes next, the contents of other peoples’ hearts, or so much other data that would be really helpful in life. It’s annoying. But the good news is that it’s not personal or exclusive to you! If you can make peace with the fact that so much of life—everyone’s life—is feeling around in the dark, hoping and trying for the best, then you’ll be able to free up the energy you need, Moonchild. Get out of your own way; accept where you’re at and mobilize from there this week.

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2018 horoscope leo

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


July 23 – Aug. 22
Consider your approach, Leo. How you take things on is important, as is how you carry them around. There’s no shame in taking a break, slowing down, or asking for help with your load. This week there’s something to learn about the art and value of collaboration and pacing, so pay attention to those themes as they make their way through your life. You don’t need to do it all alone; and luckily you don’t need to be immediately perfect or even great in order to get there one day.

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2018 horoscope virgo

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Aug. 23 – Sept. 22
There’s a powerful full moon in your sign on the 9th and it’s likely going to bring all the emotions you haven’t wanted to deal with to the surface. It’s time for grounded self-care, Virgo. You don’t need to figure everything out—that’s a bad goal, actually—what you need this week is to access your feelings. Don’t let other people tell you what to feel or what your life should be; that’s yours to determine. Get to a place where you can take in feedback without invalidating your own instincts.

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2018 horoscope libra

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Sept. 23 – Oct. 22
Your sense of balance or inner wellness will come from self-possession this week, not compromising to “keep the peace.” When you make concessions but can’t own your perspective and position when you do, you’re not investing in yourself, and therefore not able to give others what they deserve: the truth. Use discernment with how you approach your choices, Libra. With a bit of self-reflection and bravery you can make major progress quite quickly this week.

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2018 horoscope scorpio

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
What other people are doing isn’t on you—only how you manage your response to it. This week is a mixed bag; on the one hand you’re likely to be doing really well as you have some personal breakthroughs and gain some traction as you feel progress being made. On the other hand, no Scorpio is an island. You’re likely to find that people you’re dealing with or your environment in general is at a breaking point. Show up without taking it on.

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2018 horoscope sagittarius

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Energy is a fascinating thing; it comes in many forms and flows or grows in various ways. Regardless of the many ways it functions, all energy has rules and limitations, and most rules can be broken. This is not the time to game the system or generally push your (or others’) limits, Sagittarius. Respect the way that your vitality functions and doesn’t function, and work within its confines. Sadly, too much of a good thing is just too much, my love.

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2018 horoscope capricorn

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Fight it all you want, you can’t change other people—nor should you try to, Capricorn. It’s time to assert your boundaries and then do the emotional work of letting go of your desire to track whether or not others are respecting them. Let go of your impulses to triple-check, to second-guess and to yield the moment your boundary is maintained by others. You don’t have to work so hard, but that in itself is a challenge. Rise to meet it, my love.

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2018 horoscope aquarius

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
It’s time to develop perspective, get big-picture with your thinking and to find other ways of embracing more of the truth than you’ve been seeing. Strive to have your decisions be an acknowledgment of what you know to be true instead of a bending of your will. It’s time to move in the direction of what you want to create, no matter where you’re at in your process. Embrace the big picture without minimizing this moment, Aquarius.

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