5 ways to have a not-so-lame Valentine's Day

Hearts, flowers and chocolates...nice, but a bit basic. Here's how to keep it real this year.

Image, Classy Cards.

Image, Classy Cards.

Heart-shaped everything can get a little much, whether you’re single or attached, so skip the traditional formula of roses, chocolate and an exorbitantly priced meal this year. Instead, try something new to avoid that cheesy, manufactured feeling on February 14. Here’s the best of Chatelaine‘s V-Day content to help get you started

1. Keep it real.

Flowers and candies are nice, but are they what you need to feel loved? Find inspiration in this piece celebrating the death of romance, or go out and buy a Valentine’s Day card that expresses how you really feel.

2. Celebrate your girlfriends.

Sometimes your soulmate isn’t your romantic partner. Even celebs have besties they can’t help but gush over. If you’re really lucky, you have more than one awesome friend that just gets you. Sure, not everyone can honour this deep, platonic love by flying off to Cabo (like Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler), but you can host a Galentine’s Day brunch to show your gal pals how much they mean to you.

3. Skip the crowded restaurants.

Prix fixe menu with no choice? No, thanks. Instead, make a delicious dinner for two at home, whether it’s a classic French meal, a perfect steak or a beautiful fondue spread.

4. Snuggle up and watch a movie.

It doesn’t have to be about lovebirds finding their way to each other. In fact, many of our editors’ cinematic picks for V-Day aren’t your standard romcoms. And, let’s be honest, the holiday is really just an excuse to cuddle and eat popcorn.

5. Take the pressure off.

Ever heard of good-enough sex? One writer made a case for making like Nike and just doing it. And, on that note, feeling sexy doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable: Check out this gallery of sexy but comfortable underwear you’ll actually want to wear after February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.

Originally published February 2016. Updated February 2017.

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