Watching dogs get confused by magic tricks is quite entertaining

Feel-good Fridays: This cute video got over 10 million views on YouTube! It's no wonder — the dogs' reactions are guaranteed to make you smile.

For most of us mature responsible types magic doesn’t hold the same childlike appeal it once did. Say the words “David Blaine” to the average adult and most will only see pricey theatre tickets and another couple of hundred hard-earned dollars “disappear”.

I’m tempted to think that today’s tech-savvy kids may be less than charmed by classic tricks of old, too. Pull a rabbit out of a hat among a group of smartphone-wielding fifth-graders today and you’d probably hear crickets, or even worse, an explanation of how the trick was performed in the first place (after a quick Google search, of course).

Put our lack of wonder down to our high-tech culture, where we can GIF ourselves while riding the bus home from work, and cleverly (even pretentiously) discern the difference between CGI and more traditional special effects in the latest blockbuster.

If you occasionally long for a return to a less jaded era, don’t. Instead, console yourself with this video of a magician trying out a classic magic trick on a bunch of (very cute) dogs, it’s a far better use of your time.

In the video, Finnish magician Jose Ahonen performs the disappearing dog treat trick. He shows the dogs the treat and then — presto! — it’s gone. It’s a sleight of hand that your grandfather or great uncle may have mastered with a penny, but when performed before straightforward canines — I’ve never known a dog that enjoyed mystery as much as a treat — it befuddles and, in some cases, annoys (see the barking Spitz).

The video may not reinvigorate your sense of childlike wonder, but there’s a strong chance that it will make you smile — almost by magic. Even better, it won’t cost you a cent.