Are The Royals Plotting To Silence Meghan Markle's Dad?

Each week, we apply our smell test to the new batch of royal rumours to tell you what’s true and what stinks worse than rotten kippers.

The rumour: The Palace is plotting to silence Meghan’s dad

Where you heard it: The Mirror
The report: Lips don’t come any looser than the set on Thomas Markle, Meghan’s Mexico-based dad who has made a career of tell-all interviews with various publications (i.e., anyone who will listen). Over the weekend, T-Mark gave a nine-hour interview to the Daily Mail, where he said he had no intention of being quiet and invoked the late Princess Diana, who he claimed would have “loathed” the way the royals are treating him. Needless to say, #dadgate has turned into a scandal that the palace can no longer ignore, hence the Mirror’s report that royal advisers have held “at least three top-level crisis meetings on how to stop [Markle Sr.] piling distress on his daughter.” Per an unnamed insider, the powers that be are currently evaluating three options in terms of how to handle the whole situation, one of which could involve Her Majesty’s involvement. “Meghan is deeply hurt by what is happening and everything is being done behind the scenes to make sure her welfare is at the top of the agenda,” says the source.
The smell test: No question that Thomas Markle has become the ultimate ant at the royal picnic, and that the issue has become significant enough to require royal attention. Still, this story includes at least a couple of stinky fish. For starters, the motivation: Are we convinced that “Meghan’s welfare” is what everyone is so concerned about? Anyone who has seen The Crown knows that the dignity of the sovereign trumps all. And while Her Majesty may well be calling the shots (as was the case when Princess Margaret wanted to marry Captain Townsend), the handling of unwanted individuals is something she leaves to her cronies.

Did Harry Ban Meghan From Wearing A Tuxedo?Did Harry Ban Meghan From Wearing A Tuxedo?

The rumour: Meghan and Harry went on a secret double date with a Jonas brother

Where you heard it: Us Weekly
The report: As anyone who watched the royal wedding is well aware, Meghan is BFFs with actor Priyanka Chopra (best known for starring on Quantico, and now, for being besties with Meghan Markle). And those who also follow plebeian celebrity gossip will know that Chopra recently got engaged to Nick Jonas — the youngest Jo Bro who has a history of hooking up with mature ladies. But before L’il Jo popped the question, he and Chopra allegedly enjoyed a visit with the Sussexes at their country home in Oxfordshire. “Priyanka Chopra introduced Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan to her love,” reports Us, via an “exclusive” inside source.
The smell test: The lack of paparazzi in Oxfordshire means photographic evidence of this alleged visit doesn’t exist. Did it happen? Probably. Us tends to be a reasonably reliable publication, and we do know that Priyanka and Nick (Prick?) were in Jolly Old England during the time in question. The true takeaway here may be that so potent is Harry and Meghan’s love that anyone who hangs around them feels the need to exchange vows asap.

The rumour: Price Philip may skip Princess Eugenie’s wedding because of his feud with Fergie

Where you heard it: People
The report: Royal life these days may involve the odd blabbermouth father-in-law or messy bun drama, but it’s nothing compared to 30 years ago when Princesses Di and Fergie were married to their respective princes. The divorce between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson was dramatic, to say the least, and while the parents of Eugenie and Beatrice have made amends in recent years, Prince Philip still holds a serious grudge against his former daughter-in-law (and also against smiling, as recent portraits suggest). So much so that he may just skip out on granddaughter Eugenie’s wedding this October. “He made a supreme effort for Harry,” a source told People of the Duke’s appearance at the royal wedding in May. “I would be very surprised if he did go, because he is so estranged from Fergie.”
The smell test: No question there is no love, like or even civility lost between the eldest ranking royal and the woman whom he once reportedly told to “go to a nunnery — or a madhouse!” Also no question that if the Queen’s hubby doesn’t want to attend, he can easily come up with an excuse around his frequent health issues (the guy is 92). On the other hand, a wedding guest who stays home is a wedding guest who can’t glare menacingly at Fergie as she attempts to enjoy her daughter’s big day. So maybe he will show after all.

Is Meghan Markle Faking A British Accent?Is Meghan Markle Faking A British Accent?

The rumour: Meghan is turning to Kate Middleton for support during dad drama

Where you heard it: Vanity Fair
The report: Dad drama may be a bit of an understatement in describing the cross-continental game of public-grievance-airing currently being staged by Thomas Markle. And in the midst of the chaos, a certain sister-in-law has apparently emerged as a “pillar of support.” Per VF’s unnamed source, “Kate’s made a real effort to be kind to Meghan and to include her. They’re quite different characters but they get along well.”
The smell test: If recent snaps of the two Duchesses attending Wimbeldon are any hint, there is certainly a fondness between the two commoner brides. The fact that Kate has also experienced the whole “my family isn’t up to royal snuff thing” might be a bonding factor. (Back when Wills married Kate, some royals thumbed their tea cups at Middleton’s commoner lineage, though safe to say Thomas Markle makes Carol Middleton look like … well … the Queen of England.) At any rate, it’s nice to see a story that isn’t about these two women hating each other or copying each other or being jealous of each other’s fashion.