Love With a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

A chance encounter leads to a thrilling adventure.


Falling in love can be like falling into the deep end, and it certainly was for Torre DeRoche. The Australian author’s memoir details how she dove into a relationship with an Argentinean that quickly took her from Los Angeles to Polynesia aboard the yacht Amazing Grace — despite being afraid of the ocean and not knowing a mizzen from a mainsail. The trip wasn’t always smooth sailing, but that’s what makes this debut a gripping read. DeRoche’s gut-wrenching seasickness occasionally kept her stuck below deck. Storms wreaked havoc: One “psychotic squall” nearly sank them. Then there’s the emotional strain of being confined on a boat only 32 feet long for weeks at a time. Gradually, though, DeRoche falls into the rhythm of the waves, and despite hardships, there are moments of splendour: landfall at pristine beaches, sailing alongside whales and dolphins, and the friendships made with other nomads along the way. DeRoche’s clear, conversational tone makes the book feel like an extended chat with a close friend, and you find yourself rooting for the adventurousness of new love, all the way.

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