Bathroom beautification

Find divine inspiration for your next bathroom make-over

Finding inspiration when planning your dream bathroom can be more than a little daunting. Where to start? The sky’s the limit when it comes to tiles (sleek subway or sexy mosaic), fixtures (classic lines or dramatically modern) and lighting (subtle or super bright). For design experts it can be easy. They’ll pick up a single tile and suddenly a whole scheme floats effortlessly to mind. For the rest of us, hmmm, the task is more likely to provoke a migraine.

Normally, I would recommend starting a scrapbook of magazine clippings featuring bathrooms you adore, but these days there’s a paperless alternative. Instead of cut and paste you can point and click your way through gorgeous bathrooms on the Internet. Favourites sites of mine are Kohler, click on Designing Your Kitchen and Bath then Design Solutions then Design by Lifestyle; and Waterworks (available through Ginger’s in Canada), click on Environments.

Whether you’re looking for modern or traditional, both sites have luxe spaces guaranteed to make you go oooh, listing all the products you need to make it happen in your home. Or, go the thrifty route; print off your favourite page and head to your local reno centre to get that look for less!