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The best way to light a Christmas tree

Have you been stringing your lights horizontally? Try our alternative method for a tree that looks fuller and shines brighter.

Aside from those fun-to-smash chocolate oranges, Christmas lights are one of the biggest festive delights — tiny, twinkly harbingers of a season filled with ample food and plenty of merriment. But all your good cheer might take a hit should you find yourself tangled up in cords, or plug in your tree only to find the lights totally lopsided. Happily, the video below shows off a new trick for stringing up your evergreen that’ll keep you looking on the bright side all holiday long.

1. Start by dividing the tree vertically in three sections. String lights by section.
2. Beginning at the bottom, weave each string in and out of the branches, to the top of the tree and back down.
3. The result is a tree with more twinkle, fewer wires and added depth.

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