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14 Gorgeous Picks From Ikea's Limited Edition New Collection

What's not to love about seagrass, rattan, linen, and cotton?

For its new limited-edition Tänkvärd collection, Ikea is embracing its sustainability goals with products made from quick-growing natural materials such as rattan, wool, and bamboo. Aesthetically, natural materials pair easily with everything, plus it’s much easier to repair a wicker chair than chipped particle board furniture (which will probably just end up in a landfill).

The rising popularity of natural materials draws attention to the fact that buying specialized eco-friendly goods from niche boutique businesses is often too expensive for the average consumer. So, if big companies like Ikea start selling more-sustainable products at mass-market prices, it will be easier for consumers to change their purchasing habits, and everyone wins. Check out some of the lovely pieces below.


Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD woven basket with handles

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Upgrade your storage game with a basket woven from seagrass.
Small basket with handles, $15, ikea.ca.

Clothing rack

Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD rattan clothes stand

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Feel guilt-free draping clothes on this rattan rack—it’ll look better than on that chair in the corner of your room.
Clothes stand, $60, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: large and small TÄNKVÄRD cotton accessory bags with blue dye

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

These cotton pouches evoke a carefree, beachy lifestyle. Throw in stuff you need for when you’re on-the-go.
Accessory bag, set of 2 $13, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD rattan bench

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

This sturdy rattan bench will lighten up any room.
Bench, $169, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: blue quilted TÄNKVÄRD bedspread blanket

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

A cotton blanket that works on your bed or gives a pop of colour when used as a throw.
Bedspread, $99, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD flatwoven rug

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

This seagrass and polyester blend rug won’t catch dirt the way other carpets do.
Flatwoven rug, $40, ikea.ca.

Carafe set

Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD carafe with glass

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Get perma beach vacation vibes when you leave a carafe of water on your nightstand.
Carafe with Glass, $15, ikea.ca.

Wall hook

Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD rattan hook

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Fresher than over-the-door plastic hooks.
Hook, $6/1 pack, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD two white polka dotted cotton pillows

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Add a touch of whimsy to your life with these polka-dotted cotton pillowcases.
Queen pillowcase, $10/2 pack, ikea.ca.

Room divider

Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD rattan room divider with clothes draped on it

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

The designer of this rattan piece called it an “open closet”—it’s a multi-purpose piece.
Room divider, $119, ikea.ca.

Duvet cover and pillowcases

Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD duvet cover and 2 pillowcases with blue and white square pattern

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Stay cool with this lovely patterned linen duvet and pillowcase set.
Full (double)/queen duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, $99, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD rattan easy chair

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Forget Ikea plasterboard with a chic Ikea rattan chair.
Easy chair, $99, ikea.ca.


Ikea April Collection 2019: woman in blue TÄNKVÄRD kimono pouring water into bucket

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

The cotton linen blend of this robe will keep you cool and comfy as the weather warms up.
Kimono, $40, ikea.ca.

Throws and towels

Ikea April Collection 2019: TÄNKVÄRD towels outside on clothing line with basket with blanket on ground

Photo, www.IKEA.ca

Lightweight linen throws and cotton towels are perfect for warmer weather.
Polka dot throw, $30, ikea.ca; blue throw, $25, ikea.ca; striped spa towels, set of 2 $20, ikea.ca.