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10 drought-tolerant plants for your garden

Dreaming of a low-maintenance garden? These plants require little water, making them easy to care for (plus they'll stand up to a hot Canadian summer!).

Across much of the country, summer can bring long periods of dry weather, which means extra care for your garden. It’s important to get out there and water all your perennials, shrubs and trees. But first give attention to the little guys—the seeds or newly germinated seedlings, which will need watering gently every day. Next are the newly transplanted seedlings who still have small root systems. They should be generously watered every couple of days. If you have sandy soil you will need to water more often than regular soil. With clay soils you can get away with less watering, but chronic under-watering will stress the plants and make them more susceptible to disease and pests (and they won’t bloom to their potential).

There are some plants, however, that are more tolerant of drought and will only need to be watered very occasionally. You’ll need to set them up for success by incorporating plenty of compost into the soil when planting and watering regularly throughout the first month or two to help get them established. After that they will need watering less often. Here are 10 to get you started:

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