Meanwhile South of the Border...

So, while I’m anxiously rubbing * my growing neck bumps and freaking out about possibly getting kicked off my beloved Panobinostat study, it appears that in the U.S. they’re having so much difficulty getting willing candidates to sign up for clinical trials that it’s actually hampering cancer research.  


(Luckily I’m too busy losing my mind at the idea that I might be taken off my clinical trial to digress into a rant about American doctors who choose not to even try to enlist patients in clinical studies for financial reasons.)  


In addition to discussing the clinical trial conundrum in the U.S., the article also explained the reasoning behind the drug-therapy-first, surgery-later approach to treatment – which at least served to help me better understand why my lumps have been left in my neck.  


It’s an interesting article, you can find it here:



* About the neck bump rubbing: my husband opined that we should stop touching the neck bumps all the time. He says, in his French (and male) way, that we might be “arousing them” and encouraging them to grow. So funny — and maybe sensible?



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