Chris Pratt wants to talk about your breasts

A revamped app from Rethink Breast Cancer harnesses the power of hotties to remind you to do your monthly breast exam.

Whether at the gym, on TV or at work, attractive people can be powerful motivators for good behaviour. Now, thanks to the wonderful souls at Rethink Breast Cancer, they can help you stay healthy, too. Your Man Reminder is an app that leverages the power of genetically blessed men (and women) to remind women to do their monthly breast self-exams.

First, select a hottie of your choice — the just-released version has five new ones to choose from, because a girl needs options. Then, you can set up regular reminders, where your e-stud will remind you to follow the principles of “touch, look and check,” or TLC, to detect any suspicious (and potentially dangerous) changes in your breast composition. Users can also search facts about breast health, make notes, and even send their equally pervy female friends a “personalized Man-o-Gram.” Thanks, Internet.

And to all those stick-in-the-muds who say looks don’t matter? Well, the app has been downloaded over 300,000 times. There’s also a Twitter account. (Hey, Chris!)


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