Starbucks' S'mores Frappuccino Is Back! And It's *Great*

It tastes like summer! (And marshmallows)

The Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino didn’t entice me when I first saw it appear on the coffee chain’s menu two years ago. It looked like just another novelty frapp that was all style and no substance. But when the folks from Starbucks dropped by with a bevy of beverages for Chatelaine staffers, I was intrigued after my co-workers started raving about it.

Unfortunately, the frapps arrived right in the middle of Passover (they’re topped with graham cracker crumbs, which aren’t permitted during the eight-day-long Jewish holiday), so I had to wait until the official release day to try it out—and after tasting many a Starbucks creation, this is one I’m happy I didn’t pass over.

The liquefied campfire treat ($5.45 for a grande) has a coffee base layered with marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce and vanilla syrup and comes topped with more marshmallow whipped cream, chocolate sauce and that graham cracker crumble. Yes, it has a lot going on—but it really works. Starbucks really nailed the marshmallow flavour with the whipped cream—the topping actually gives off some serious s’mores vibes and the icy coffee and chocolate base kind of reminds me of an Iced Capp or an Iced Aroma, in the best way.

And sure, this frappuccino apparently contains the about the same amount of sugar as six Krispy Creme glazed doughnuts, but it’s really more of a dessert—I’d think of it as more like a Blizzard than your morning cup of Joe.

After some unfortunate novelty mishaps (I’m looking at your zombie frapp), the fan-favourite s’mores frappuccino actually tastes good. (I believe I called it “a delight!” after taking my first sip.)

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