Beyond Meat’s Plant-Based Burgers Are *Finally* Coming To Canadian Grocery Stores

Just in time for barbecue season!

Beyond Burger on a bun with lettuce and tomato.

The Beyond Burger. Photo, Beyond Meat.

Fire up your grill, because Beyond Meat’s plant-based burgers will be available at Canadian grocery stores by the end of May. This should be great news for any vegetarians (or vegans) who dread the lacklustre options at summer barbecues.

The Beyond Burger (in all honesty, it’s a really good veggie burger with a whole lot of buzzy, Silicon Valley marketing beyond it), stands out from other options on the market because it looks just like a patty made from ground beef. And according to a press release, when two-packs of the Beyond Burger ($7.99) land at local supermarkets, they’ll be available in the meat case, instead of with the tofu and other meat alternatives.

Beyond Burger in a package.
It looks like meat! Photo, Beyond Meat.

The burgers, made from pea protein, will be sold at major grocery chains, including Sobeys, Loblaw, Metro, Longo’s, Co-op Food Stores, Georgia Main Food Group, Save-on-Foods and Whole Foods. This simulated beef burger is available at some retailers now, but it’s slowly rolling out across the country, so call your local grocery store to see if it’s there (and avoid disappointment if you don’t find it in the meat section).

If you can’t wait until May, you can try the Beyond Burger at A&W, along with the Beyond Meat breakfast sausage patty, which tastes almost like the real thing.

Plant-based diets and veganism have been growing in popularity, and the new Canadian food guide recommends we all eat more plant-based proteins, instead of relying solely on meat. And, while alt-meat products like the Beyond Burger are in-demand (A&W even experienced a shortage last fall), not everyone loves them. Critic says these products are ultra-processed and should be a sometimes food, instead of something you eat every day. (Plant-based protein options that aren’t ultra-processed include pulses (lentil, peas and beans), quinoa and tofu.) But for those times when you want to indulge, this alt-burger will hit the spot.

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