How to pit cherries easily and safely

You won’t believe the tool we use to get the job done.

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Cherry season often only lasts for a couple of months, and when they’re in peak season, cherries are irresistibly sweet, juicy and delicious.

But cooking and baking with them always requires the thankless task of pitting them first. To speed up the process (without any fears of nicked fingers or cuts) watch this video to learn how to pit cherries quickly and easily. Bonus: — you only need one tool: a round, fine-tipped icing piping tip!

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You can purchase piping tips in grocery stores (in the baking aisle), or at a specialty baking stores (such as Bulk Barn). You can use any size tip as long as it’s a fine tip. For the purpose of the video, I used a larger one, though I use a small one at home.

How to freeze cherries
Save the sweet taste of summer cherries for later in the year by freezing them. Pit cherries, then arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Place in freezer until completely frozen. Then, transfer cherries to a resealable plastic bag or airtight container. While they won’t have the same texture as fresh cherries after they’ve been frozen, you’ll be able to substitute them for cooking or baking recipes.

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