5 Safer, Metal-Free Ways To Clean Your Grill

Five ways to get it gleaming.

How safe is your barbecue brush? After repeated use, traditional barbecue brushes can lose their wire bristles, which can cause serious injury if ingested. In fact, the federal government announced last summer that it would be developing national standards around the manufacturing and selling of barbecue brushes after at least nine people ingested detached metal bristles in 2017. In the meantime, there are several good and safe alternatives you can use to clean your grill.

Half an onion: Cut the onion in half and then brush the surface with oil. Heat the grill, and then use tongs to rub the onion across the surface of the grill.

Piece of foil: Crumple a large square of heavy-duty foil. Use tongs to scrub the ball of foil across a heated grill.

Round metal mesh scour pads: These scour pads aren’t just for scrubbing dishes. They work well on heated grill surfaces as well. Copper scourers, $7/pack of six,

A pumice stone brush: This can be used on all surfaces, whether hot or cold. It works better than many bristle brushes because it conforms to your grates. It is also chemical free and typically works faster than a bristle brush. Tera Gear, $6, Real Canadian Superstores across Canada.


Wood grill scrapers: Over repeated use, this scraper will take the shape of your grates for custom fit. Vermont Castings Wood Grill Scraper. $25,