10 Spring Cookbooks We Can’t Wait To Cook From

From Jamie Oliver to Carla Lalli Music, we can’t wait to leaf through spring’s most inspiring cookbooks.

Spring has a serious bumper crop of cookbook releases. From big food-world names like Jamie Oliver and Ruth Reichl to beloved Canadian cook Ricardo, there’s something for everyone.

Here are the cookbooks we’re most excited to cook from this spring.
spring 2019 cookbooks-JamieFriday Night Feast cookbook cover image

Jamie’s Friday Night Feast by Jamie Oliver

For next-level comfort food
What could Jamie Oliver and Lindsay Lohan possibly have in common? Surprisingly, a love of food—with Oliver updating Lohan’s grandma’s recipe for chicken pot pie with veal meatballs and homemade pastry. Oliver’s latest cookbook is a celebrity-packed tribute to indulgent comfort food—the kinds of recipes you’d prep and feast on with family and friends to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.
Standout dishes: Carbonara cake and amazing ravioli
Release date: April 2
spring 2019 cookbooks-Where Cooking Begins cover image, book by Caral Lalli Music

Where Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli Music

For a new way to grocery shop
Carla Lalli Music is the food director at Bon Appétit magazine and knows her way around a kitchen—both professional and home. Where Cooking Begins lays out a strategy to improve one of the most important (and time-consuming aspects) of cooking—grocery shopping. Music makes a very solid argument for getting joyless staples flour and sugar delivered and spending your time shopping for food that actually sparks creativity in the kitchen. This book is equal parts shopping strategy, cooking techniques and recipes.
Standout dishes: Mozzarella with charred and raw sugar snap peas; any-fruit galette
Release date: March 19
spring 2019 cookbooks-Let ME Feed You cover image of cookbook by Rosie Daykin

Let Me Feed You by Rosie Daykin

For approachable-yet-aspirational recipes
This is the third cookbook from the owner of the Instagram-friendly Vancouver bakery Butter Baked Goods. Her latest book incorporates a lot of beautiful details from her personal life—including the story of an elderly family pup. The book also includes a host of savoury and sweet recipes—like a curried chicken sandwich—that you’ll want to whip up ASAP.
Standout dishes: Apple almond double-baked croissants and cinnamon doughnut muffins
Release date: April 9
spring 2019 cookbooks-Love & Lemons Everyday cookbook cover, written by Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews

Love and Lemons Every Day by Jeanine Donofrio

For accessible plant-based eating 
This inspiring vegetarian cookbook is the second book from the popular whole foods blog Love and Lemons. Chicago couple Jeanine Donofrio and her husband Jack Mathews cook and photograph everything themselves, and the result is bright, beautiful and stylish. The irresistible-looking dishes would win over even the most devoted carnivore.
Standout dishes: Creamy sweet corn pappardelle; raspberry basil blender sorbet; cozy mushroom and white bean potpie
Release date: April 2
spring 2019 cookbooks-Vegetables First cover image of the cookbook by Ricardo

Vegetables First by Ricardo Larrivée

For getting your veggies
A colourful tribute to vegetables, Ricardo beautifully combines standout vegetable sides (maple glazed mushrooms and corn polenta) with classic French dishes like ratatouille. The back of the book has a handy compilation of dish-elevating basic recipes like caramelized onions and tomato sauce (and how to incorporate them into the other recipes).
Standout dishes: Hasselback squash and lentil stew with cabbage steaks
Release date: April 23
spring 2019 cookbooks-cover image of Kim Thuy-'s cookbook called Secrets From My Vietnamese Kitchen

Secrets from My Vietnamese Kitchen by Kim Thuy

For great recipes—with all the family feels
Author Kim Thuy has worn many professional hats—from lawyer to restauranteur to, perhaps most notably, author. Her first three novels RU, MAN and VI garnered a lot of attention—with VI being longlisted for the Giller Prize. Thuy’s first cookbook is a tribute to all of the women in her life and a deep expression of how she expresses love through food.
Standout dishes: Tamarind crab and caramel flan
Release date: April 2
spring 2019 cookbooks-DomesticGeek-Meals Made Easy cookbook cover image by Sara Lynn Cauchon

The Domestic Geek’s Meals Made Easy by Sara Lynn Cauchon

For simple-yet-delicious dishes mindful of dietary restrictions
Sara Lynn Cauchon hosts the popular YouTube cooking series The Domestic Geek—fans of HGTV will also recognize her from her years in broadcast. Organized by course, the book focuses on healthier recipes that cater to a number of different dietary needs—all while including family-friendly swaps, including where to load up on veggies and spice mixes that easily be tweaked for your family’s preferences.
Standout dishes: Chocolate chia breakfast cookies; cucumber and watermelon salad
Release date: April 23

Bake the Seasons by Marcella DiLonardo

spring 2019 cookbooks-BakeTheSeasons by Marcella DiLonardo cookbook cover image
For farm-to-table sweet (and savoury) baking
A Niagara native (Fonthill specifically) DiLonardo clearly embraces everything that the region has to offer her cooking and baking, all of which incorporates the bounty from the farms around her home. As beautiful as it is aspirational, this book will have you reaching for your apron.
Standout dishes: Apple cheddar pie and lemon lavender shortbread
Release date: April 2
spring 2019 cookbooks-Peace Love And Fibre byMarilyn Smith cookbook cover image

Peace, Love and Fibre by Mairlyn Smith

For getting your fibre—and actually enjoying it
Packed with the Canadian home economist’s signature warmth and sense of humour, this fibre-forward cookbook is a love letter to whole foods simply prepared into delicious dishes. Smith backs it all up with some solid research on the hows and whys of the importance of fibre to our health.
Standout dishes: Pumpkin spice griddle cakes; curried chickpea and potato salad
Release date: May 7
spring 2019 cookbooks-Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl cover image

Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl

For food-nerd culinary history
While not *technically* a cookbook, Reichl’s memoir chronicles her time at famed (and since closed) American food magazine Gourmet. If you’re fascinated by today’s food culture of celebrity chefs and must-visit restaurants you’ll definitely want to read about its rise and how it played out at the publication that sparked Reichl’s career as a food writer.
Release date: April 2