The absolute best new beauty products for 2017

Chatelaine’s 2017 Beauty List, a roundup of the most useful, completely new, you-need-to-try beauty products available for every budget.


The Beauty List
Best anti-aging dynamos
Best manicure mates

4 comments on “The absolute best new beauty products for 2017

  1. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prloebm!


  2. I can’t seem to get past a couple of your products.Is there something wrong on the site and is anyone else having this problem.It just goes around and around and I wait and I wait!


    • I have the same problem and find that every few days I have to go in and remove all Chatelaine cookies. This solves the problem for a short while.


  3. There has to be a better and more efficient way to scroll through the items on your bauty list. This happens all the time when you ask us to check out various things on your site. Please bring this to the attention of your I.T. Department and let them know there is a time lag and a glitch on your site which can be frustrating for your viewers.


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