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One Mount Pleasant Rd.
8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M4Y 2Y5

Tel: (416) 764-2000
Fax/Editorial: (416) 764-1888
Fax/Advertising: (416) 764-2891

Tax Information
GST/HST #13781 3424 RT0001
QST #1016624728 TQ0001

4 comments on “Contact Us

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  2. I have renewed my subscription every year and habe ALWAYS CHECKED THE GIFT WITH RENEWAL. I have NOT ONCE received any of your free gifts. How disappointing . You are very anxious to get your money but you fail to deliver your part – THE GIFTS. I will NEVER renew again. This is a farce and iam so livid. Wow i see youre offering a nice looking watch this time!!!! Well i received Nothing at all all these years. I would have loved the watch you offer now and the o ther gifts. i always ticked off!! what kind of customer service ppl do you hire. Please send a copy to your head manager and i will leave als
    o call making a formal complaimt.!!
    Mrs. C. Rais
    905 829-1912

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  4. Unable to access online magazine
    CHE0146313929 nov14

    Was getting two magazines for 3 months???