How to tie the perfect bow

Make all your gifts stand out with this step-by-step tutorial to get your ribbons in a perfect bow, every time.

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how to tie the perfect bow

I once received a gift from a talented artist and while the book they chose was great, the bow they tied the gift with was amazing. Now, this might sound a bit strange, but I consider myself a bit of a ribbon expert. Having spent years in the magazine business, I’ve done my fair share of ribbon styling. But this particular bow had an extra touch that made it worthy of its own blog entry. And here’s the secret:

It’s all about what I call the ribbon tail. Here are the how-to instructions with photos:

Start with good quality ribbon-like fabric — expensive ribbon falls better than cheap ribbon. A double sided satin ribbon works best as you don’t have to fuss with the good side and bad side. Also, you’ll need about meter of ribbon to tie a good bow, plus however much ribbon you need to wrap around the box/flowers/new car.

1. Depending on how thick your ribbon is, you might or might not be able to tie a double knot before starting your bow:

2. Reach way back in your kindergarten memory, when you first learned to tie your laces, and that’s how you tie a bow. Make two loops and tie them together in a simple knot:

3. Smooth the knot cover over and pull tight, making sure both loops are the same size. Leave a long tail on both ends.

4. Now here’s the magic part: Take the “tail” of the ribbon and fold it back in towards the centre knot. Add a dot of glue (right where you see my fingers are holding it down).

5. Cut on a bias or with a v-notch. Now that’s a pro-looking bow. Doesn’t matter what the gift is, this will wow’em!

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