How to make a paint-chip gift box: Three easy steps

Take a simple paint chip and turn it into a colourful gift box for any occasion.


Step one: You’ll need two large paint chips (Behr ones work well). Measure 1 1/4″ from all sides and mark both chips.

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Step two: For bottom, cut 1 1/4″ along the white paint line on two sides. Fold four sides down. For box lid, trim 1/2″ off all sides, then cut and fold as per bottom.

Step three: Tape folded edges on inside of box top and bottom. Assemble. Finish with a ribbon.

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  2. These are so neat! This Christmas we bought a lot of small gifts such as jewelry, and these would look adorable under the tree. They’re also so cute for birthday gifts that regular bags are just too big for.


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