Holiday gift guide: Over 100 gifts under $50!

We’ve outdone ourselves once again with more than 100 fun, unique and carefully curated gifts, guaranteed to impress everyone on your list!


10 comments on “Holiday gift guide: Over 100 gifts under $50!

  1. Too bad, sounds like an interesting list, but who has time to flip thru 102 times at your slow, slow rate? Will have to skip this article. Please, please, please change your old-fashioned website. Other wise, love your magazine.


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  3. The Salt of the World set does not ship to Canada. Spoke to a representative who said it ‘isnt approved by customs for international shipping as of yet.’


  4. I agree Lacey. I started flipping through, then thought “yikes!” too time consuming. Chatelaine please change your website – it discourages people from going through it …. ! This isn’t the first time I’ve given up scrolling through …. and scrolling through …..


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  9. I don’t like the format of this article. I dc not wish to click 100 times to see each product. I would like to see a full page of grid pictures that I can choose to click on one that looks interesting!

    Poor website design for this article.


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