Real world advice for students leaving home

Whether your child is planning to move out or has already started student life abroad, leaving the comforts of home presents new challenges for young adults. From cooking and cleaning to laundry and budgeting, help your kids prepare for the next stage with these practical tips and life skills.

1. Get them cooking: It’s never too early (or too late!) to learn to plan, shop and cook a handful of healthy recipes and fresh dishes. Even better, encourage your busy student to freeze meals ahead of time, so there’s always a home-cooked meal ready even during study times. Innovative new appliances like the Whirlpool® range with Frozen Bake technology even allow you to skip the preheating and go straight into cooking your favourite frozen dishes – one less step to dinner required.

2. Laundry 101: Leading up to the big move, make sure your kids can independently prep and do their laundry. Touch on topics like sorting colours from whites, how to choose the proper water temperature and wash cycle and be mindful of checking labels for washing instructions and when to hang dry or hand wash.

3. Money management: Maintaining a budget is more than just pulling out a debit or credit card, and for some students, leaving home is the first time they need to manage their own money. Help them create a budget that includes allowances for student fees and tuition, housing, food, transportation, entertainment, and medical.

4. Final test run: Treat the last few months before they move away as a test run for life out of the nest. Over the summer, make it up to them to pay you rent, create (and stick to!) a budget, shop for and prepare meals and take on household chores. At the end of the summer, you can return the “rent” they paid you to give them a nice cushion for their savings.

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