An Uplifting Boost from Hibiscus

Discover why this unexpected ingredient has become so sought after for its anti-aging benefits. Introducing Isa Knox LXNew Platinum, the all-new firming and sculpting skin care collection from Avon that harnesses the power of hibiscus flower. How does it work? Why should you add it to your routine? Here’s our guide.

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The Queen of Natural Beauty

Stunning beauty and medicinal properties have made hibiscus flower a prized harvest since Antiquity, but only relatively recently have scientists discovered its complexion-boosting attributes. The source? Not the flower, per se, but seeds tucked in a pod, the calyx, at the base of the flower. When cold pressed, the seeds produce an oily macerate packed with beauty benefits.

The potent properties of hibiscus are put to work in the Isa Knox LXNew Platinum skin care collection alongside baobab seed extract, whose anti-inflammatory attributes help skin further lock in the deeply firming benefits. The Sculpting Oil Serum takes things one step further with encapsulated violet droplets to boost the efficacy of the firming and plumping action.

These natural ingredients deliver potent results while addressing the preoccupations of consumers who increasingly lean towards greener beauty routines, replacing chemical components with natural alternatives as much as possible.

Multiple Skincare Virtues

If hibiscus flower was selected as the star ingredient in this new range, it’s because it boasts a laundry list of anti-aging properties: It has even been called “Nature’s Botox”!

For starters, it is packed with vitamin C for a naturally plumped look and antioxidant molecules to help slow the aging process. Hibiscus is also rich in hydrating elements and essential fatty acids including linoleic acid, an ingredient especially well-suited for dry, fragile skin as it helps repair skin’s natural barrier protection.

Finally, it is rich in fruit acids (AHAs) to help slough away dead skin cells and improve the look of radiance in dull complexions.

The Isa Knox LXNew Platinum Daily Routine

Avon’s Isa Knox LXNew Platinum collection includes four hibiscus-infused products: oil serum, day cream, night cream, and eye cream.

This complete range is a great way to treat your skin to the gravity-defying benefits of natural hibiscus every day. Apply the oil serum and eye cream to cleansed skin day and night, then top with day or night cream accordingly.

For daytime, the application of an SPF is strongly recommended to help protect skin from sun damage. Anew Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense SPF 50, is an ideal choice. Not only does it have a lightweight feel and high sun protection factor, but it also makes a great makeup base, too.

Sipping Pretty

Now that hibiscus flower is a part of your beauty routine, why not make it part of your breakfast regimen, too? Hibiscus sepals steeped in water make a wonderfully bright and invigorating tea. Known as bissap in Western Africa, the beverage is a popular way to hydrate while enjoying the flower’s radiance-boosting effect. Natural flush, anyone?

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