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St. Patrick's Day menu for vegetarians

These tempting treats are perfect for kids and vegetarians.


Though our easterly neighbours, Newfoundland and Labrador, are the only Canadian provinces to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a public holiday, that doesn’t mean we can’t hold our own celebration!

On March 17, go beyond green beer and stew and try these tempting treats that are kid-friendly and perfect for vegetarians.

Loaded potatoes Potatoes filled with cheese and sour cream (just skip the meat)? What’s not to like! Try our two-bite Mini Gourmet Potato Skins, an easy-to-assemble miniature version of the classic.

Guinness Our favourite Irish stout gets dressed up in this Black & Black cocktail. And believe it or not, beer does amazing things for cake. Our Chocolate Guinness Cake is dense and rich, with the slightest undertone of stout.

Kale The Irish love their traditional colcannon, a mashed potato and kale dish. Serve up yours in the form of our emerald kale salad along with a side of mashed potatoes.


Irish liquors Switch up your Jameson or Baileys on the rocks for a slice of Irish coffee cream pie or Sticky toffee puddings with caramel sauce.