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Food and wine pairing: pulled pork and gamay

Waffles aren't just a breakfast food; tonight, take luxuriously flavourful pomegranate pork and smother it overtop a smoky cheddar waffle for an unforgettable meal.

Pomegranate pulled pork over smoky cheddar waffles

Pomegranate pulled pork and smoky cheddar waffles. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

 Sommelier Sara d’Amato and our kitchen present this month’s ideal match

Gamay is the signature grape of Beaujolais, France, but it’s also grown across the globe, and its flavours often vary depending on the region. The wine it produces is light to medium bodied, punchy and vibrant with lovely notes of cranberry, currant, cherry and spice. Although gamay is perhaps best known for its freshly fermented “nouveau Beaujolais” style (always consumed within weeks of its arrival on the shelves), it can also be rich and complex, and its versatility with food makes it a favourite among sommeliers and wine lovers.

In the kitchen, we took advantage of gamay’s versatility and matched it with fun food-truck fare. The sticky sweetness of braised pulled pork and the smoky intensity of crisp cheddar waffles are complemented by gamay’s characteristic bright, juicy freshness. The sweet-tart redcurrant and pomegranate in the wine and earthy sautéed portobello mushrooms on the plate not only make for optimal food-wine pairing but also turn a favourite comfort food into a gourmet experience for a boozy brunch or an elegant dinner.

Perfect pairing: Gamay + Pulled pork

wine_malvoire gamay

Vibrant & Compelling
Malivoire Gamay 2013, Ontario, from $18.

wine_beaujolais villages_gamay

Posh & Proper
Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages Combe aux Jacques 2012, France, from $19.

wine_beaujolais villages villa ponciago_gamay

Sensual & Floral
Villa Ponciago Beaujolais Villages 2012, France, from $15.