Puttanesca fish stew

Prep 10 min
Total 40 min
Serves 4

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2 tbsp
small onion, finely diced
large fennel bulb, finely diced
carrot, finely diced
1 cup
796 mL
canned diced tomatoes
236 mL
reserved cooked tilapia fillets, cut into pieces, and sauce (from baked puttanesca fish with quinoa)


  • HEAT a large pot over medium-high. Add oil, then onion, fennel and carrot. Cook, stirring frequently, until vegetables begin to soften, 5 min. Stir in water, tomatoes, clam juice and bay leaf. Boil, then reduce heat to medium. Cover and gently boil, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are tender, about 15 min.
  • STIR reserved fish and sauce (from the baked puttanesca fish recipe) and chili flakes into stew. Cook until warmed through, about 3 min. Remove and discard bay leaf. Ladle stew into bowls. Serve with crusty bread.


Calories 230, Protein 19 g, Carbohydrates 15 g, Fat 12 g, Fibre 4 g, Sodium 662 mg. Excellent source of vitamin B12

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