Grainy brown bread

Prep 10 min
Total 1 hour 55 min
Plus cooling time
Makes 1 loaf (14 slices)



2 1/4 cups
warm water, divided (about 110F)
2 tbsp
2 8-g pkgs
4 3/4 cups
whole wheat flour
3/4 cups
1/4 cup
flax seeds, divided
1/4 cup
sunflower seeds, divided
2 tbsp
poppy seeds, divided
2 tbsp
sesame seeds, divided
1 1/2 tsp
egg, beaten


  • SPRAY a 9×5-in. metal loaf pan with oil.
  • STIR 3/4 cup water with molasses and yeast in a large bowl until combined. Let stand, 10 min.
  • STIR flour with pepitas, 3 tbsp each fl ax and sunflower seeds, 1 tbsp each poppy and sesame seeds, and salt in a medium bowl until combined. Stir remaining 1 tbsp each flax, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds in a small bowl until combined. Stir flour mixture into yeast mixture with remaining 11/2 cups water, using a wooden spoon, until combined. Transfer dough to a lightly floured counter. Knead once or twice, then shape into a log. Place in prepared pan, pressing down to fill pan. Brush with egg and sprinkle evenly with reserved seed mixture. Cover with a damp towel and let rise until doubled in size, about 45 min.
  • PREHEAT oven to 400F.
  • BAKE loaf in centre of oven until golden, 45 to 50 min. Let stand, 5 min. Turn loaf out onto a rack and let cool completely, about 1 hour.


Calories 250, Protein 10 g, Carbohydrates 34 g, Fat 9 g, Fibre 6 g, Sodium 252 mg. Excellent source of Folate

Kitchen tip

Use this bread to make our superfood sandwich.

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