TEST ARTICLE: Find your decor theme

Learn which colour scheme suits you, from French country to city chic

Throughout history the decorative style and colours of certain times and places have become a standard. Think English manor, or French country. When you decorate with these colours, you’re creating a space which reflects the ambiance of those specific periods. By understanding the way certain colours create these types of spaces, you can gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of how colour affects your life.

Coastal/beach life

Invites the spirit of coastal life into your home. Blue, white and tan, the colours of beach and bay are the predominant tones in this space. The ocean often meets the shore across the ceiling and walls of such a space. Furnishings tend to be rustic wood, unfinished or treated, to simulate outdoor beach chairs. Touches of actual coastal life, sea shell accents, nautical dýcor and brightly patterned blankets add a depth to the colours which gives the theme an added dimension.

French country

Vibrant earth tones abound in interplay of the dazzling and the subdued. White plaster is the traditional backdrop, against which colours such as mustard, rust, and indigo are placed. A calico pattern tends to dominate fabrics and upholstery in this style.

English manor

This style is dominated by vibrant reds, yellows, blues, greens, purples and oranges, melded together in an explosion of color. The tones often resemble gemstones, which collude in a chintz style that is almost gaudy, and a bit eccentric. These powerful colours are generally arranged in floral patterns, which give the space an anchor in reality.

Rustic cabin

This style is dominated by rustic earth tones, with deep reds, blues or greens acting as accents. Wood is a predominant tone and adds good texture in a rustic room. Colour patterns often include Native North American styles, with deep maroon or brown, interlaced with dark navy interplays.

Country cottage

A sweet and feminine style, the colours are generally pastels, in both warm and cool tones. Light blue, white, and pink tend to form in floral patterns throughout the space. Accent colours are generally used in decorative frills such as bed skirts, trim and ribbons.

City chic

This style uses neutral colors throughout a space. White, black, beige, or anything which is unassuming can work in a shabby chic color scheme. Interest is added to the space through the use of texture and materials such as copper, chrome, steal, and shimmering hardwoods. The effect is a room which balances soft and hard elements to create a powerful space.