Celine Dion: What I’ve learned

In the dressing room of her new Las Vegas show, Celine Dion shares her secrets for success, how she juggles work and family life, and what she’s picked up along the way.

Celine Dion

Photo, courtesy of Coty

Names are important.
“My mother called me Celine after her favourite song by Hugues Aufray; my childhood was drenched in music.”

14 is a magic number.
“I grew up the youngest of 14 kids in a tight-knit family, and all that love gave me a real self-confidence. The values instilled in me by my family made me a balanced person.”

Success doesn’t just happen.
“It takes discipline, work, having the right people around you and, of course, lots of luck.”

You need to be surrounded by people who speak the truth.
“René [Angélil], my husband, has always made sure I am working with people who are unafraid to critique me while emphasizing my strongest attributes.”

Being a mother is the ultimate motivator.
“I strive to be the best mom in the world. I’ve given a lot, professionally speaking, but with my three children I feel like I’m receiving. It’s happiness unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My little boy Nelson (who recently turned one) just started saying ‘Maman,’ and it’s so touching. They are tiny, they trust me, they rely on me, they’re completely dependent. It’s a beautiful gift.”

Men can change diapers.
“Diapers don’t sit dirty for long — we both take care of that!”

I want to star in a movie.
“The missing link in my career is being in a movie. Someday I want to land a leading role on the big screen.”

You need more than raw talent to have a career that spans 30-plus years.
“For true longevity you have to have charisma, know how to trust others and have a work ethic.”

Everyone can be beautiful.
“For me, inner beauty is one of womankind’s strengths.”

In life anything’s possible.
“Women need to trust and believe in themselves as well as set goals.”

I am strong.
“When I want something, I make sure that I get it — even if it means a lot of work.”

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