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11 Fabulous Laundry Rooms To Swoon Over

These rooms will make you actually want to fold your laundry.

A gorgeous, functional laundry room is the ultimate aspirational home organization dream. (And if do you have one and live in a city, it’s probably small and shoved into a closet, right?) We’ve rounded up the dreamiest laundry rooms on Pinterest that will give you some inspo — no matter the size of your space. A few takeaways:

1. Add lots of colour.

What’s the fun in having a laundry room if it isn’t painted a bright hue?

2. Closets work, too.

No laundry room? No problem. This perfectly organized closet holds everything you need to get the job done.

3. If you’ve got the room, make sure there’s lots of counter space.

(To make folding and sorting a dream, of course.)

4. Choose bold tile.

Laundry rooms right now are all about the bold pops of pattered tile. Try something vinyl to save on the cost.

5. Make use of the walls.

Don’t have a lot of floor space to work with? Hang drying racks on the wall to save space.

6. Define a small laundry space with wallpaper.

This will make your nook really pop.

7. Hide unsightly detergent bottles with a fun piece of fabric.

Cost efficient and stylish.

8. Go big (even when you’re working small).

This teeny tiny laundry room makes a big impact with penny floor tiles and a statement pendant light.

9. Hang your ironing board on the wall.

Use fun decorative hooks to make a statement.

10. Pile on the rugs.

Be gone are the days when laundry rooms were the dingy nook in the basement. Layer in lots of rugs to add texture and make it feel homey.

11. Use the walls.

You don’t need a massive space to create a functional laundry room. Pile your shelves high for maximum storage.