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We Spent $500 At Ikea And Turned A Cramped Studio Apartment Into A Cute, Well-Organized Home

A trip to Ikea and some DIYs later, we transformed this studio apartment into a Pinterest-inspired dream.

Living in a studio apartment can seem daunting from a design perspective — you’ve just got one open room to sleep, live and eat in. So how do you make it a functional small space on a budget? In this episode of The Home Primp, Chatelaine Home Editor Alexandra Gater sets out to make over a studio apartment — using only Ikea furniture.

The challenge:

This small studio apartment is tiny — as in around 400 sq.ft. tiny. The tenant didn’t want to sacrifice comfort (who would!) but having a queen-sized bed meant that a couch wouldn’t fit. And, because the apartment was completely open, there was no designated space for an entryway or dining area.

Small studio apartment

The small space makeover:

Gater took a trip to Ikea for some small-space ideas and left with lots of furniture to hack. Watch as she turns a mirror into a wall light (inspired by this genius light hack!), jazzes up a stool (that doubles as a side table) with chalk paint and makes an entryway organizer out of a spice rack. One perfect trick for small spaces is to style the bed like a couch when you’re not sleeping in it — Gater takes you through how. Plus, a single Ikea shelf is the perfect way to divide the living space and even creates a little space for an entryway.

Studio apartment ideas
 How much we spent:


Watch the full transformation, above.

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