One way to beat chocolate cravings

Craving chocolate? Take a walk: It'll downgrade your craving from mad to mild.

woman holding a piece of chocolate


Craving chocolate? Take a walk: It’ll downgrade your craving from mad to mild. In a study from the University of Exeter, a brisk 15-minute walk was found to cut chocolate consumption by almost half in stressed-out workers. Seventy-eight chocolate lovers refrained from eating the good stuff for two days, and those who took a brisk 15-minute walk before having some ate around 15 g of chocolate (about the size of a small, fun-size bar), compared with 28 g for those who didn’t. “Short bouts of physical activity throughout the day may help you self-regulate mood and snacking,” says study researcher Hwajung Oh.

Bottom line: If you’re stressed out at work, go for a walk instead of reaching for that sugar stash, then see how you feel. Bonus: A short walk also bumps up your brainpower, so you’ll be more productive, too. Talk about win-win!

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